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Summer in Sofia

Jane Golden

The gripping tale of an American diplomat’s wife as she relies on her amateur sleuthing skills to dive headfirst into the deep end of an international murder mystery.

An American ex-pat, Jeni, is on another adventure as she crisscrosses Bulgaria from its beautiful Black Sea to the lesser-known gems in a topography full of precious jewels.

Soon after she and her diplomat husband, Zach, are temporarily assigned to the embassy in Sofia, Jeni receives word that her cousin, Andy, is on his way from the States to visit her. Plagued by dread due to their frosty relationship, she attempts to mentally prepare for his arrival. In the meantime, Jeni, joins an international women’s charity where she immediately becomes embroiled in a fascinating mystery when it is discovered the treasurer is missing and she is the only one with access to the organization’s funds. As Jeni explores Bulgaria with reckless abandon in search of clues, she must once again navigate the State Department’s rules that govern a diplomatic spouse.

Adriatic Allure

Jane Golden

Clarion Review calls this latest book “a captivating mystery!” It has been a little over a year since Jeni abandoned her career as an attorney outside New Orleans to accompany her husband, Zach, to Romania. While he has been settling into his new role as a diplomat with the Department of Justice, she has been embracing all the excitement and fun of being a new American ex-pat in Europe. But all of that is about to change when her impulsive college-age niece, Candi, unexpectedly comes to stay with them. As soon as Candi arrives, the drama begins.
The situation, although awkward, is manageable—until Candi disappears shortly after a young woman is found dead in a neighboring park. Against her husband’s advice, Jeni dons her amateur sleuthing cap and boards a yacht in the Adriatic in the middle of Yacht Week to delve into the seemingly sinister disappearance while following sketchy clues. But as she races against time to hopefully find and safely extract Candi from a potentially dangerous situation, Jeni has no idea if her plan will end in mutiny or even worse, murder. Adriatic Allure shares the roily adventure of an American ex-pat turned sleuth as she sets out on a fast-paced search to find her niece after she is lured into the murky waters of international yachting. 


Danube Defiance

Jane Golden

The latest book by critically appraised novelist JANE GOLDEN, is an enthralling mystery about an art heist involving ancient icon art. Travel with super sleuth, Jeni, as she ventures through the antique markets in New Orleans’ French Quarter and across the ocean to Eastern Europe’s bustling city of Bucharest and the Romanian countryside. Jeni stumbles upon one clue that leads to others. Something doesn’t add up, and she gathers a few friends… an antiquities expert, a journalist, and a dashing New Orleans shopkeeper. Together, they follow a river of clues and dead bodies. But will the thieves get them first? Read to find out!



Secrets in the Vines

Jane Golden

Jeni, the wife of a recently appointed diplomat, enjoys cultural intrigue and lasting friendships when she joins the exotic International Ladies of Bucharest. But when Jeni volunteers to help one of those friends solve a mystery on an old family vineyard, she learns that trips to Romania’s wine country can be deadly. Two murders, with Jeni caught in the middle, have the police pointing fingers the wrong way. Jeni must fight against the clock to solve the mystery before she is arrested or, worse, becomes the true murderer’s next victim.