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JANE GOLDEN once yearned for a career as a foreign journalist, but law school was a far more practical plan for an English and political science major. After leaving a successful legal career to accompany her diplomat husband to Bucharest, Romania, Golden took advantage of her extensive travels in Eastern Europe to foster friendships, journal, and ultimately write mysteries. She currently resides on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Sailing Trips

Adriatic Regatta 2019

I considered the bad omens at lunch as I sat with my husband at a table on the lee side of a four-hundred-year-old building on the Pjaca (old town square), sipping on a glass of crisp white wine and eating light crusty pizza. The wind whipping around us made for clear skies and spectacular views of crashing waves slamming into the marble boardwalk outside Diocletian’s Palace, but it was not the wind I wanted to feel. It didn’t matter that in the distance I saw a harbor full of catamarans and sailboats appearing like an apparition of appetizers, their masts so uniform in height they resembled hundreds of toothpicks stuck in tasty, yet expensive treats.

Adriatic Sea

Escape the Winter Blues

An American ex-pat turned amateur sleuth sets out on a fast-paced search to find her missing niece who has disappeared into the murky waters of international yachting. Will she find her, or will it end in mutiny, or even worse, in murder?

Croatia, Lastova

Love on Lastovo Island

We arrived by sailboat to the Croatian island of Lastovo – surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic and known for the fact that its main village was in the center of the island as opposed to sitting on the harbor like all other cities and villages of its age. The...

Croatia, Marco Polo, Travel

In the Footsteps of Marco Polo- part two

It was a perfect November day, but there was not much information about Marco Polo. Yes, there were restaurants, bars, and shops bearing his name, but not much to satiate our curiosity. We left feeling privileged to have peaked into the enchanted lives of the year-long residents, but a bit disappointed we did not learn more about the famous traveler.